Welcome From The Executive Director 

Dr. Gabrielle Miller

As Executive Director, I’m often asked, “What makes the SALT Center different than other programs that support college students?” It’s easy to understand why people ask. At first glance, the SALT Center seems to be simply a program that provides support for academics. But the answer is much more complex.

Our mission is not to ensure every student has perfect attendance, stellar grades, and graduates on time with an impressive job offer in hand (although quite a few students do). Rather, our mission is to help each student succeed in higher education, which requires much more than academic prowess. We work to help students build independence and develop into lifelong learners who have the skills and mindset necessary to excel in school and at life. We do this by offering frequent high-quality opportunities for engagement, self-awareness, and growth, tailoring this support to each student’s unique situation.

To that end, every interaction a student chooses to have with the SALT Center is designed to challenge them to learn more about themselves and the world around them. Students are encouraged to face challenges and develop their own strategies to address those challenges in a supportive environment where it’s okay to make mistakes. Ultimately, we strive to help students understand that they are the architects of their lives and taking ownership of their failures and successes builds independence.

In this year’s Journal, I invite you to read the stories of our students, families, alumni, and partners across the globe, who have found our model of support to be a game changer. You’ll also learn more about how our Clinical Services Team works with students to help them develop self-advocacy skills and a growth mindset. We’re also incredibly proud that the ABLE Clinic is now a part of the SALT Center allowing us to extend our clinical support to students and the local community.

Lastly, I want to thank you for your continued support, especially through these last few years of ongoing uncertainty and hardship. We are truly blessed to have so many friends who value the work we are doing and partner with us to continue to be a ‘very different’ kind of student support program.

Bear Down!

Gabrielle Miller, Ed.D.

Dr. Gabrielle Miller Headshot