Frequently Asked Questions

4 students outside of the SALT Center at the Bartlett Academic Success Center.

Common App Users: Submit your Common App to the University of Arizona, then check your email within 5 -7 business days for a message from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions with instructions on how to create your Future Wildcat account. After you have submitted your Common App and established a Future Wildcat account, THEN you can apply to the SALT Center. Any questions related to the Common App should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (520) 621-3237.

The only way to apply for the SALT Center is through the application page on our website. If you only checked a box within the University of Arizona’s application indicating that you were interested in the SALT Center, you have still NOT completed our application. Please follow the steps outlined on our application page to properly submit your SALT Center application.

There is no deadline to apply to the SALT Center as we operate with rolling admission. However, due to enrollment capacity we strongly encourage students to utilize May 1st (National Decision Day) as the date for their commitment to the SALT Center and the University of Arizona.

  1. While University of Arizona acceptance is not required to apply to the SALT Center, your eligibility to enroll in the program may only be determined upon admission to the university.
  2. If deemed eligible to enroll in the SALT Center, two mandatory steps are required to finalize enrollment:
  • Complete a SALT Center New Student Participation Agreement
  • Attend a SALT Center Enrollment Event

1. A finished and submitted SALT Center Application
2. Uploaded documentation of your learning or attention difference*
  • Comprehensive documentation from the high school timeframe or after
  • Documentation should plainly list the student's LD diagnosis
  • The cognitive and achievement testing that led to the LD diagnosis should ideally be included, but is not required
    • (WISC or WAIS, Woodcock Johnson, Nelson-Denny, etc.)
  • IEPs and 504 Plans are acceptable, if the document is specific about the candidate's LD diagnosis
  • *Please do not password protect your documents. If a document is password protected, please upload a document that contains the password
  • Candidates who have not been diagnosed with a learning or attention difference, and/or do not have documentation are prompted to complete a reflection prompt: "Describe your history of academic challenges and the support the measures you have used to manage these challenges.”
3. A thorough response to the Reflection Prompt: Describe a difficult situation you have encountered in your life and tell us how you handled the situation.
  • The SALT Center Admissions Team will not be grading the candidate on his or her writing style, usage, or mechanics
  • The information shared is what's most important
  • Please just respond to the prompt
  • If you believe this reflection prompt is similar to what was asked of you on the UA Undergraduate Application, you may share the same information here
4. A complete payment of the SALT Center Application Processing Fee (fee waivers are honored, please inform SALT Center Admissions staff if you have a fee waiver in place)

* The SALT Center’s academic support model best supports candidates with mild-to-moderate learning and attention challenges.Candidates who have not been diagnosed with a learning or attention difference, and/or do not have documentation to submit are prompted to complete an additional reflection prompt as outlined in Step 5.

*All candidates must show a learning or attention challenge as their primary challenge.

Because it delays the review process, we ask candidates not to password protect any document that is uploaded to our application. However, if this is insurmountable for you, then please either share the password in your reflection prompt, upload it as a separate document, or please contact the SALT Center Admissions Team via email at

This problem is common and usually indicates that incorrect credentials are being used. Please remember to use your Future Wildcat credentials (not your UA NetID) if you are an incoming freshman or a transfer student. If you are unsure what your Future Wildcat credentials are they are typically the email and password that you use to apply to the University of Arizona. If you are unable to locate your credentials, please email Sarah Sampe at

If you are a current University of Arizona student, meaning you have taken and completed classes here, you will use your NetID and password to login.

Using Rolling Admission, if a candidate:

  1. Has recently been accepted or is currently enrolled
  2. Has submitted complete SALT Center application on file

The review timeframe is 3 - 4 weeks in most cases.  Between Jan 1 and May 1, decisions may take up to four weeks.

If you meet the criteria above, and it has been more than three weeks, then please contact the SALT Center Admissions Team via email at

“Rolling Admission: Students apply at any time after a college begins accepting applications until a final closing date, which may be as late as the start of the term for which they are applying. Students are notified of a decision as their applications are completed and reviewed.” (NACAC, 2017, p.5)

The student’s high school GPA is not a determining factor for admission into the SALT Center. However, applications will not be reviewed for admission into the SALT Center unless they are accepted into the University of Arizona.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions can best explain undergraduate acceptance criteria (e.g., ACT/SAT scores, HS GPA, etc.). You may reach the office at 520-621-3237.

The SALT Center Admissions Team will review submitted application material to make sure that our services match with a candidate’s academic support needs.

After you are deemed eligible to enroll in the SALT Center, two mandatory steps are required to finalize enrollment:

  1. Submit a SALT Center New Student Participation Agreement.
    • This can be found in the Eligible to Enroll email you received upon admission to the SALT Center.
  2. Register for and attend a SALT Center Enrollment Event and UA New Student Orientation.


Taste of SALT and the SALT Center Enrollment Event are distinct events where different information is shared. 

Attending Taste of SALT, for example, does not exempt you from registering for and attending a SALT Center Enrollment Event and UA New Student Orientation.

Taste of SALT is a group presentation that provides and introductory overview of our program and services. Taste of SALT is geared toward prospective candidates and their families.

The SALT Center Enrollment Event is just for newly-enrolled students, who have been newly admitted to our program, who plan to begin using our services for the first time.  It will provide you with the vital information you'll need to successfully start your first semester at the SALT Center.  For example, we provide contact information for your Student Support Specialist and demonstrate how register for your tutoring appointments.

You can email for more information about these program differences.

The SALT Center Admissions Team will automatically register any continuing UA student and any new transfer students in an afternoon Enrollment Event in August, after their Participation Agreement has been submitted.

Because we recognize that you already have experience being in college, this Enrollment Event will assist you in receiving just the information you'll need prior to starting your first semester with the SALT Center.

For example, we provide contact information for your Student Support Specialist and teach you how register for your tutoring appointments.

  1. Candidates who neglect to finalize enrollment by the time the SALT Center reaches capacity, may be subject to our waiting list (see below).
  2. We have  a limited number of spots for new candidates each fall.  Not every candidate who applies, and receives a spot in our program, chooses to enroll.  The sooner a candidate commits, the higher their chance of avoiding our waiting list.

If you're waiting for decisions from other institutions, we recommend completing our steps today. 

If a candidate’s plans have changed:

  1. A written cancellation request is required. Please email the SALT Center Admissions Team at
  2. The $200 SALT Center Enrollment Fee and UA Enrollment Fee are both reversible if the candidate chooses not to enroll in our program and/or attend the University of Arizona. 
The deadline for reversal of the SALT Center Enrollment Fee is May 14, which is consistent with the deadline for reversal of the UA Enrollment Fee.*

* Upon receipt of the candidate’s Participation Agreement, a $200 SALT Center enrollment fee will be added to your University bill through the Bursar’s Office.  This fee covers the cost of the mandatory SALT Center Enrollment Event.  The payment deadline associated with this fee is set by the Bursar’s office and may be earlier than the deadline for the program fee. If a candidate's plans change, a written application cancellation request is required from the candidate, on or before May 14th.

Yes.  We may initiate a waiting list after we reach enrollment capacity.

Historically, the SALT Center has reached capacity and initiated a waiting list in April. SALT Center candidates are encouraged to submit a complete application and complete our enrollment steps as soon as possible before April in order to have the highest chance of avoiding the waiting list.

Spots in the program are limited because each student has an individual weekly meeting with their Student Support Specialist, whose rosters become full.

The chance of a spot opening in spring is more likely than a spot opening in the fall.

Although being on the waiting list can be disappointing, it just means that there will be a different path to enrollment in the SALT Center.

If you are truly interested in attending the University of Arizona, we would strongly suggest that you use support from any of the following campus resources during the fall semester:

1. Disability Resources (DRC) – provides testing and classroom accommodations

2. The Think Tank – provides academic support for all students enrolled at the University of Arizona.

3. Counseling and Psych Services (CAPS) – licensed mental health professionals who help students cope with the hardships of life

4. Campus Health Services/ Campus Health Pharmacy – promotes health, wellness, safety  

Historically, we have initiated a waiting list at the beginning of April, but it can be started earlier or later, depending on when we reach enrollment capacity.  We strongly advise candidates to apply early to avoid being placed on the waiting list. Candidates who do not submit an application and/or neglect to finalize enrollment by May 1st will be subject to our waiting list.

* SALT Center candidates are encouraged to submit a complete application and complete our enrollment steps in order to have the highest chance of avoiding the waiting list.

The spring semester is typically reserved to enroll fall applicants who were wait listed. If you have not been placed on the waiting list but would like to be considered for spring admission please email Sarah Sampe at

No. We do not have a spring application for new candidates.  We have limited capacity, and spring is reserved to facilitate continuous enrollment in our program. 

  1. All newly-enrolled students are required to complete an initial, consecutive, two-semester commitment. 
  2. Spring is typically reserved to enroll fall applicants who were wait listed. 
  3. More students have chosen to remain in our program, for longer periods of time, than ever before in years past.  

Consequently, our program may remain enrolled to capacity during spring semesters.

Please email Dennis Haymore at with any questions about accessing the SALT Center online application.. Please include the candidate's first and last name in the email subject line. A response will be sent within 24-48 hours, depending on the time of year and other circumstances.

The SALT Center has partnered with the ABLE Clinic to offer comprehensive evaluations and testing to assist in diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and coordination of care. Services are available to students and other members of the Southern Arizona community. Learn More

The SALT Center provides support for students whose primary disability is a mild to moderate diagnosis of a learning and/or attention challenge. The SALT Center is not designed to provide support for independent living skills, daily living skills, behavioral or emotional regulation skills. 

Yes. A student may be accepted to the University of Arizona but not the SALT Center. After a comprehensive review, it may be determined that the program is not a good fit for a student. Spots in the SALT Center are limited.

If you have a question about something that is not covered in our FAQ page above, please email the SALT Center Admissions Team at

Emails are answered as quickly as possible, usually within 24 - 48 business hours.

Thank you for your interest in the SALT Center!