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Assessment of Behavior and Learning for Excellence

We serve the local community by providing comprehensive evaluations and testing to assist in diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and coordination of care.

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In operation since 1994 (formerly known as the Disability Assessment Research Clinic or DARC), the ABLE Clinic has conducted more than 4,000 comprehensive, integrated psycho/social, neuropsychological, medical and vocational assessments directly related to assisting numerous public, private, state and federal programs in their work with individuals with medical, physical, mental, psychological, neuropsychological and psychiatric disabilities. We are happy to continue these services, in addition to now providing diagnostic services to both the pediatric and adult population of Southern Arizona. 

Some evaluations can be conducted fully online (contact us for more specific information).

The SALT Center's ABLE Clinic would like to thank the generous support from Arizona Complete Health to provide additional services to the Southern Arizona community.

Our Mission

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Provide evaluations to children and adults with suspected neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., learning disorders, autism, ADHD) or brain injuries in order to help provide services in school and at work.

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Assist individuals with cognitive, emotional, and physical difficulties with making decisions regarding their education, employment, and other future endeavors.

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Provide vocational/career assessments to determine an individual’s ability to work and what accommodations may help them succeed.

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We currently provide teleassessment services as well as in-person evaluations. Contact us for more information.


Our Address

ABLE Clinic
The University of Arizona
Patricia A. Bartlett Bldg.
SALT Center
1010 N. Highland Ave.
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The ABLE Clinic does not accept insurance, but a superbill can be provided for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Recommendations for using a superbill:

  • Call your insurance before having an evaluation to verify your out-of-network benefits, what is covered, and how the superbill reimbursement would work for your particular plan.  

  • Verify your deductible and if the superbill will be applied to your deductible.

  • Ask if you need to obtain a prior authorization from your insurance company before the evaluation occurs. 

The entire process can take up to 2-3 weeks. To provide the most comprehensive evaluation possible, the psychologist often spends up to 10-15 hours with one client.

We offer evaluations to anyone from the age of 6 to the age of 69.

We do not offer on-going therapy. However, after the evaluation, we can offer recommendations to help going forward. These can include recommendations for schools and workplaces, local resources, types of therapies, and other suggestions for the individual to work on independently.

We schedule two appointments for an evaluation: The first is an interview often held over Zoom. We plan approximately 2 hours for this meeting. The second appointment is in-person testing in our clinic. This time can vary depending on the client's needs, but it can often last 3-4 hours. After testing is complete, the psychologist prepares a formal evaluation report. An additional virtual post-consult meeting will be scheduled for approximately one hour where your psychologist discusses the results of the evaluation.

The cost for our services will vary depending on your specific situation and the type of testing required. Please contact us directly to get an estimate of costs. Our friendly staff is happy to work with you to explain all your options. Special pricing may be available for those who qualify, so please let us know if you are are active duty military/veteran, a University of Arizona student/employee/dependent, or other circumstances.