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Assessment of Behavior and Learning for Excellence

The ABLE Clinic serves the state of Arizona by providing children and adults with comprehensive evaluations and testing to assist in the diagnosis of various neurodevelopmental disorders, psychological disorders, and to provide treatment recommendations. The ABLE Clinic also provides vocational evaluations that assists with career guidance as it relates to trade school, post-secondary education, or direct employment. Some evaluations can be conducted fully online (contact us for more specific information).

We have grant-funded evaluations available for University or Arizona students and members of the southern Arizona community. Contact us to inquire about eligibility.

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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Evaluation

The ABLE Clinic evaluates individuals of all ages to determine the presence of one of the three types of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ADHD is often diagnosed in childhood but can be missed or be an underlying neurodevelopmental disorder second to another mental or physical illness. The ABLE Clinic provides comprehensive ADHD evaluations to not only assess the presence of ADHD, but to identify how it is impacting one’s life. Our reports can be given to schools for appropriate accommodations and clients will also be provided recommendations specific to their profile.

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Psychoeducational Evaluation

Neurodevelopmental disorders are often diagnosed with an individual is young; however, young adults and adults often go through life without being diagnosed. Although there are various neurodevelopmental disorders, the ABLE Clinic primarily focuses on psychoeducational evaluations to diagnose learning disorders (LD) or intellectual disabilities (ID). Such diagnoses can directly affect one's ability to reach their educational and career goals. If an individual is diagnosed with LD or ID, they are able to utilize our report by providing a copy to their school or work in order to receive appropriate accommodations, modifications, and/or additional support services.

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Psychological Evaluation

A psychological evaluation assesses the presence of a mental health disorder that may be interfering with an individual's ability to function at home, work, or school. The ABLE Clinic provides psychological evaluations through clinical interviews, collateral information, and various formal measures. The client is then provided a report with treatment recommendations and interventions. A psychological evaluation will assess the presence of various mental illnesses, such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other disorders that can impede one from functioning to the best of their ability.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Evaluation

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) affects an individual’s ability to perceive social interactions and can also impact one’s ability to communicate and/or their overall thinking. ASD can vary in the presentation and severity in symptoms. ASD tends to be diagnosed early in childhood but at times can go undiagnosed until late teens or later. The ABLE Clinic uses the “gold standard” measures to evaluate ASD. If diagnosed with ASD, the client or their caregivers can provide our report to their school or other state agencies for accommodations and support services. 

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Neuropsychological Evaluation

The ABLE Clinic administers neuropsychological evaluations to assess a client’s cognitive functioning and how it is impacting their behavior. Often times a neuropsychological evaluation is warranted when there is a known congenital disorder, history of epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, or any other medical ailments that can affect one’s thinking and behavior. Providers at the ABLE Clinic apply neuropsychological measures to help explain one’s mental processes and how it may or may not be affecting their thinking and behavior. The neuropsychological report can be used as an additional piece of information to guide treatment and to provide recommendations based upon the individual’s unique profile.

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Vocational/Career Evaluation

The ABLE Clinic's vocational/career evaluation assists teenagers throughout adulthood on identifying an individual's strengths, weakness, and how this relates to their career goal. This is done through a comprehensive evaluation where our providers assess areas of the client’s thinking, academic levels, vocational interests, physical abilities, and soft skills. Social and emotional status is also screened. Through this evaluation, the ABLE Clinic provides clients with a vocational evaluation report which will provide the strengths and potential barriers to employment. Recommendations of careers, post-secondary education, and other vocational training will be provided.

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