Legacy Scholarship Award Recipient: Giovanni Walls

Richard St. Clair, Student Support Specialist

Coming into the University of Arizona, Giovanni wasn’t sure what to expect. He had spent the last four years going to a high school that focused on graduation and finding a job. He was one of only fifty students in his class of three hundred and seventy to go on to higher learning. When he got here, he felt like he lacked the right background and preparation compared to many of his peers. Throughout his life, Giovanni has always struggled with attention issues and procrastination. “I was very intimidated,” he says about starting college. “The expectation for learning is very different here, and I wasn’t sure I had what it took to be successful.”

The change from high school to a university was huge, the lecture-based curriculum, the self-directed assignments, and the stress of being on his own for the first time all added up to create one of the most difficult times in his learning career. As a student within the College of Engineering, Giovanni uses the SALT Center to ease his mind, talk through the issues he’s facing, and to get tutoring to assist him with his studies.

Giovanni Walls

He says, “They’ve kept me on track, kept me motivated, and even found out what I really want to do with my future.” The SALT Center has really been Giovanni’s foundation and is making a world of difference for him.

As the current recipient of the Legacy Scholarship Award, Giovanni can continue at the SALT Center throughout his entire undergraduate experience, getting the support he needs to rise to the challenges of an engineering degree. “I’m very grateful to receive the Legacy Award, it reduces my stress level to know that my future here at the SALT Center is secure.”

As Gio’s Student Support Specialist at the SALT Center, I can say that working with him is a truly rewarding experience. He is a very humble, down to earth young man with big goals. I always look forward to our weekly meetings, he is open and honest about his challenges, and is always willing to take responsibility and try something new. I look forward to continuing to help him navigate his college experience, and to seeing what he will accomplish next. This award is well deserved, congratulations Giovanni!