Our Student Support Specialists are dedicated to supporting students' academic success.

They provide individualized assistance with educational planning, goal setting, time management, organization, and learning strategies. They offer guidance with transition to the collegiate environment, in addition to improving skills in communication, self-advocacy, and learning.

Students and Student Support Specialists develop strong, collaborative relationships through positive, confidential communication.

Specialists create a supportive environment and encourage students to share their accomplishments, pursue their dreams, and to seek assistance in overcoming barriers to success.

During sessions, Individualized Learning Plans (ILP) are developed to best suit students’ unique strengths and learning challenges. Plans may include the following:

  • Educational goals
  • Personal aspirations
  • Learning strategies
  • Tutoring, skills workshops, and assistive technology

I Do: I Do Not:

✓  Serve as your primary point of contact at the SALT Center

✘  Release protected information to parents or others without a signed consent form from the student

✓  Protect confidentiality with respect to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974)

✘  Report regular updates to faculty, family, or other outside entities regarding the student's performance or use of services

✓  Facilitate weekly meetings and provide additional assistance through emails and phone calls

✘  Disclose student's diagnoses to faculty or staff outside of the SALT Center

✓  Provide strategies for organization, time management, reading, note-taking, focusing, studying, etc.

✘  Suggest courses that are “easy” or taught by “nice” professors

✓  Offer assistance in self-monitoring academic progress, grades,educational planning, & goal setting

✘  Speak with faculty to negotiate grades, attendance, extra credit, or academic integrity issues

✓  Provide direction with understanding key issues regarding how learning/attention challenges impact learning, processing, and educational & career goals

✘  Arrange a student's accommodations

✓  Offer guidance in the process of making informed decisions and problem resolution in tandem with reinforcement of appropriate communication and self-advocacy skills

✘  Offer personal assistant services

✓  Make referrals to the SALT Center Psychological Services or CAPS (Counseling and Psych Services) at Campus Health & other campus resources, such as Academic Advising, as needed

✘  Provide specific academic advising services

  • Maintain regular (i.e. weekly) contact with Student Support Specialist
  • Make school a priority through attendance, engagement, and investment of study time
  • Utilize available support services and recommended strategies for success
  • Seek assistance and collaborate in planning
  • Communicate effectively and honestly
  • Demonstrate academic integrity and follow the university's Student Code of Conduct
  • Follow through on commitments
  • Exercise responsibility and be accountable
  • Participate in SALT Center activities, programs, and leadership opportunities