Supporting Access Through Scholarships

Daniel Linden III, Director of Student Support Services

The SALT Center is proud to offer needbased scholarships to help cover the fees associated with participating in our programs. Our scholarship awards are funded by donations from our generous supporters who believe in our approach of helping as many students as possible with the greatest financial need. Over the past 11 years, we have been able to award over one million dollars in scholarship funds to students in need.

Nearly 60% of our current scholarship recipients also qualify for Federal Pell Grant funds which help offset university costs. Pell Grant recipients are typically undergraduate students who have a high degree of unmet financial need.

Our goal is to provide SALT Center scholarships, which cover 100% of program fees, to all Pell Grant eligible students enrolled in the program.

We know what the impact of receiving financial support can mean to students; not only does it reduce the financial burden students and families experience, but it also provides greater opportunities for students to focus on their academics and life goals.

Oliver Beglinger, SALT Center Scholarship Recipient

Oliver Beglinger, SALT Center Scholarship Recipient

The SALT Center is also prioritizing scholarship distribution for our newest populations enrolled through Arizona Online and the Arizona Near You Network (distance education). While this newest program offering is still in a pilot phase, we know the need exists and we encourage students to apply in order to have their fees offset with financial support from our donors. Oliver Beglinger, SALT Center Scholarship Recipient

“The SALT Center is the main reason why I’m attending college at the University of Arizona. The scholarship relieves a huge burden from my shoulders financially. The SALT Center is a huge reason why I’m succeeding at the UA and I wouldn’t be able to do college without them, and that is why I’m so thankful that I was able to receive this.” – Oliver

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