Jacob Levy & The Bear Down Network: The Value of Connections

Emily Pendleton, Alumni Coordinator & Student Support Specialist

For more than 40 years, the SALT Center has been playing a vital role in helping students with learning and attention challenges graduate from the University of Arizona and successfully launch into the working world. We deeply appreciate when our alumni ask how they can reconnect and give back to the program that changed the trajectory of their lives.

Recently, we had the chance to hear from one such graduate, Jacob Levy ’05, about his entrepreneurial efforts toward supporting those with disabilities. Within the past several years, Jacob started his own consulting and career coaching business, catering to students and professionals with learning and attention challenges. He helps his clients master the art of content creating and adding value on LinkedIn to get their profiles in front of top recruiters and solidify job matches. Jacob recently shared his LinkedIn expertise with students at the SALT Center through an online workshop as part of our annual Life After College career readiness event.

Now, more than ever, we need to keep our students engaged and connected with alumni. Alumni occupy a unique position in their understanding and experiences that can truly resonate with current students. The value of our alumni is immeasurable as they often make ideal mentors and are perfectly placed to help our students start building a professional network of contacts.

In partnership with the University Alumni and Development Program, the SALT Center has partnered with the Bear Down Network. This online platform allows for us to accomplish our goal of helping current students make connections with other Wildcats, especially SALT Center Wildcats. As we know, taking that first step into the working world to find a job can be a very scary proposition for any student, but particularly so for those with a disability.

Like Jacob, many alumni often ask us what they can do to give back and help our students and this is the ideal way to take that first step. It’s simple to create a free profile on the Bear Down Network and join the SALT Center Group. The platform allows students to connect with alumni who are in their target industry and allows alumni to designate their desired level of availability to help with things like networking and mentoring. It’s a great tool to help current students connect with professionals who have stood in their shoes and an easy way for alumni to pay it forward.

Join the Bear Down Network at beardownnetwork.com

Jacob Levy

Photo courtesy of Jacob Levy