Student Potential

Isaac Flater

You can never have a shallow conversation with her; she’s very mature.” That’s how Strategic Learning Specialist Juan Godoy describes Jessica Bloom, a recent UA graduate and one of about sixty-five students who benefitted from SALT Center scholarships last year.

Jessica chose to come to the University of Arizona, all the way from New Jersey, specifically because of the support offered through the SALT Center. As a freshman in the Nutritional Sciences program, Jessica initially struggled in math and science classes because of her learning differences. However, she refused to give up, even if that meant altering her academic plans. With great wisdom, Jessica acknowledged, “There are going to be ups and downs. It is how you handle these upsand downs that will help determine how successful you become.”

With the help of the SALT Center, she was able to tackle the challenges of her college coursework:

“The SALT Center has been my safety net, a place I could come to for help with time management, organization, and getting my semester on a page. It’s been a really big help.”

Jessica graduated in May with a double major in Political Science and Judaic Studies. She earned straight A’s during her senior year, and has plans to attend graduate school and study international affairs in Washington D.C.

We are grateful to be able to support outstanding students like Jessica through the SALT Center Scholarship Program. To those generous donors who make our scholarship program possible, Jessica says, “My family and I so much appreciateyour assistance! I needed SALT Center services for my academic success, and your contribution greatly contributedto this success. Thank you so much!”

Your support of SALT Center scholarships will help students who learn differently reach their full potential. If you would like to make a contribution, click the “Give Now” link at and select “Eleanor Harner Scholarship Fund”