Building Community

Isaac Flater

Many students have made their journey to the SALT Center from a hometown that is far away and, in so doing, have left behind family, friends, pets, and other supportive individuals. In order to help students feel at home in this new environment, the SALT Center continually strives to create opportunities for them to make new friends, have fun, and develop socially. One way we do this is through the efforts of our Social Events Team, which has been very busy over the past year. The Social Events Team is a group of highly motivated students and staff who work together to plan and execute meaningful activities. Below are photos of some of the events we hosted last year.

One key member of the team is Dr. Lisa Elfring, who is our current Faculty Fellow. Her role is to guide students enrolled at the SALT Center, help them stay connected to the University, and increase their sense of belonging in this new community. She explains, “I think that many students are intimidated to get to know faculty members, and talking one-on-one with some of the SALT Center students has been great because I learn about them, and they learn that faculty members have all the same kinds of worries and joys as other folks.”

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