Opportunity: SALT Center Tomorrow Campaign Update

We are almost halfway through our five-year fundraising campaign, SALT Center Tomorrow. The goal of this campaign is to help build the future of our program by focusing on three key initiatives: INNOVATION, ACCESS, and SPACE.

We are so grateful to those who have contributed to these initiatives over the past two years. Please consider joining us as we strive to meet our ambitious goals. Here’s an update on the progress we’ve made so far:

THE GIFT OF INNOVATION – Growing Global Programs and Services

Innovation starts with our people. As the needs of our student population continue to evolve, we recognize the importance of equipping our team with relevant best practices, national certifications, and fieldspecific endorsements so that they can keep providing exceptional academic support. The Strategic Professional Development fund will allow our team members to access the training they need in order to provide the highest-quality service to students enrolled in our program.

THE GIFT OF ACCESS – Increasing Scholarship Funding for Students in Need

We believe that all students should have access to comprehensive academic support at the college level. Since the SALT Center is a fee-based, non-profit serving the UA community, we rely on the support of generous donors in order to make scholarships available for our students. The Legacy Scholarship Award is a need-based scholarship that covers all SALT Center fees for qualified students throughout their tenure in our program, allowing them to achieve their goals without worrying about how to pay for academic support.

THE GIFT OF SPACE – Creating an Optimal Learning Environment

In order to dramatically increase the scope and capacity with which we serve our student population, we will be renovating and expanding the Patricia A. Bartlett Building. We have almost reached our fundraising goal for this project. The $300,000 we have yet to raise will be used to enhance our facility with new furniture, educational technology, and beautifully landscaped outdoor space, transforming the SALT Center into an international hub for comprehensive academic support from which we can make a global impact.