Insight: 2014-2015 Donor Report

Since it’s inception in 1980, the SALT Center at the University of Arizona has become the global leader in comprehensive academic support for students who learn differently. For over 33 years, we have helped thousands of college students with learning and attention challenges achieve academic success.

Developing a vibrant community that evolves with the changing needs of our students requires innovative programming and highly qualified professional staff. As a non-profit that does not receive funding from the state or the University, the SALT Center charges a fee for services.

The SALT Center fee is our primary source of revenue, and is only increased when necessary to cover rising personnel and building maintenance costs. However, the fee for enrollment can discourage students with limited resources from using our services, and limit our capacity for innovation and growth.

This is why we are so grateful to the generous friends of our program who continue to give in this capacity because of their faith in our team. They trust that these gifts will be used to meet our most urgent needs. Year after year, they support our efforts by giving to our scholarships, our programs and services, our professional development, and many other initiatives.

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