Welcome From The Director

Rudy M. Molina, Jr.

Dear students, parents, and friends,

It is my honor to welcome you to the 2014 SALT Center Journal. This edition is special for many reasons, but perhaps most notably because it is dedicated to a revolutionary in the field of academic support – Dr. Eleanor V. Harner.

Eleanor founded the SALT Program (which would later become the SALT Center) in 1980. Eleanor believed in educational equity and access for all, and she cared deeply for those around her. She passed away in 2013, leaving behind a beautiful family and a legacy of student success.

As we continue to serve students who learn differently, we are guided by Eleanor’s spirit and passion for education, which flow stronger than ever through the halls of the Patricia A. Bartlett Building (home of the SALT Center). Her legacy will forever inspire respect, dedication, and perseverance.

Today, the University is on the precipice of embracing new methods for engaging students and delivering education. We call upon Eleanor’s authenticity and creative approach to help us trail-blaze in ways that even she could not have imagined. Students who learn differently now have greater opportunity to enter higher education than ever before; our mission is to facilitate access to the curriculum and to help students build confidence as life-long learners.

Please join us in celebrating more than three decades of success catalyzed by Eleanor Harner, and the thousands of lives that she has impacted through the SALT Center. In this publication, you will read first-hand accounts from students, tutors, staff, and alumni who participate in our program. We share their stories with you so that you might be inspired to share yours with us—so that you, too, may become part of the legacy of this remarkable woman.

Warmest regards,

Rudy M. Molina, Jr.