Dedication: Tutoring at the SALT Center

Samantha Becker

As a freshman, Lindsey Wilson used to walk past the SALT Center every day as she left her residence hall to go to class. She didn’t discover the opportunity to become a tutor until her junior year, when a friend recommended that she apply for an open position. She said working as a SALT Center tutor would be a great job for Lindsey because the schedule offered flexible hours, and was a good way to sharpen her own skills.

After she was hired, Lindsey began training to become a certified tutor. So far, she has completed CRLA Level 1 Tutor training (15 hours of training, and 25 hours of tutoring). After two semesters at the SALT Center, she says the most important thing that she has learned is to understand a student’s needs in order to find the best way to approach their tutoring session: “You have to meet a student where they are at; you have to get to know them.”

Lindsey Wilson, Tutor at the SALT Center

Lindsey Wilson, Tutor at the SALT Center

"You have to meet students where they are at; you have to get to know them." 

Lindsey works predominantly with students in the Math and Science Lab, as well as in individual sessions, where she specializes in Math, Philosophy, and general education courses. She says that the most rewarding part of her job is when she sees a student learning, “Their eyes light up when they finally understand [a concept] that we’ve been working on.” According to Lindsey, when her students succeed, she succeeds.

Lindsey says that another great part of her job is the SALT Center community: “The staff is warm and supportive, and I feel comfortable talking to any of them.” Moreover, Lindsey says that her fellow tutors are always happy to see each other and their students. In addition to working at the SALT Center, Lindsey also works as a photographer. In her spare time, she enjoys attending live music shows on 4th Avenue and Congress, and riding her bike, “though it’s kind of hot [in the summer].”

Lindsey is scheduled to graduate from the UA with a B.S. in Public Health and a minor in Mathematics in May of 2015. She plans to attend graduate school for a degree in Public Health, with a focus on Global Health and working in the field of Infectious Disease Epidemiology. We are so grateful to Lindsey for her hard work and dedication to our students, and we know that she will achieve success in all of her future endeavors.


450 is the AVERAGE NUMBER of WEEKLY TUTORING VISITS hosted by the SALT Center

82% percent of tutors are CURRENTLY UA STUDENTS

ENGINEERING AND PSYCHOLOGY are the most popular majors among our tutoring team

SCOTTISH GAELIC is just one of the many languages for which we have a tutor at the SALT Center


18% percent of tutors are COMMUNITY MEMBERS or RECENT GRADUATES

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