Welcome From The Director

Rudy M. Molina, Jr.

It brings me great pleasure to introduce myself as director of the SALT Center. I would like to thank our students, families, professionals, and friends for their support and dedication to our Mission.

While our team is extremely proud of our past, we are looking forward to the future. This year, we are excited to partner with you to grow our international presence. We recently had the privilege of being recognized as the international model for comprehensive academic support for students with learning and attention challenges; we are pleased and humbled by this distinction. Our future success depends on a few key factors: commitment to our core principles, ongoing support from friends of the program, and diligent effort by our staff.

As we continue to lead, I am confident the SALT Center will be well positioned to support a diverse generation of students with a complex range of strengths, needs, and challenges, all of whom have the desire and aptitude to earn a college degree.

Our goal for each student is that they would:

  1. Achieve their highest academic standard of excellence
  2. Socially represent themselves in the best light possible
  3. Fully engage in the UA and SALT Center communities


The SALT Center inspires students with learning and attention challenges to succeed in higher education. Through the provision of comprehensive academic support services, the SALT Center encourages student engagement, self-awareness, and growth.


Dr. Dianne Quinn, Former Director of the SALT Center

To help students accomplish these goals, the SALT Center team will abide by the guiding principles that have made our program the global standard-bearer. I hope you find this publication enlightening, and that it provides you with a greater understanding of how we put our philosophy into practice.

Join us as we strive to reach new heights in support of students who learn differently; we invite you to be a part of our bright future.

Warmest regards,

Rudy M. Molina, Jr. Certified Learning Center Professional - Level 3 Director