Principles & Promise

The principles that guide our promise to you

Taking a cue from Jim Collins’ bestseller, Good to Great, the SALT Center staff came together and identified 11 principles that guide our practice. We then articulated a promise for each principle, stating our commitment to the students we serve. We promise to use the following principles to guide our programs, our services, and our interactions as we strive to support every student at the SALT Center. 


PRINCIPLE 1: Every individual lies on a spectrum of neurological diversity, physical ability, and human experience, which grows and changes over time.

We will meet you wherever you are on that spectrum, and use your current skills and self-awareness to help you develop as a learner.

PRINCIPLE 2: Individuals become great by choice, not by chance.

We can assist you in becoming great when you are ready to be great.

PRINCIPLE 3: All individuals can learn, when given the opportunity.

We cheer for you when you succeed and prompt you when it is time to self-regulate.

PRINCIPLE 4: Individuals have the potential to grow in ways they never thought possible and to exceed their own expectations.

We challenge you to aspire to the highest possible level of achievement.

PRINCIPLE 5: Each individual has a valuable and unique life-story.

We understand the importance of taking the time to listen to and respect your story.

PRINCIPLE 6: Learning is the act or process of acquiring new knowledge or skills

We guide you as you discover new ideas, integrate new concepts, and practice new routines in order to learn new things.

PRINCIPLE 7: The learning process is an interactive partnership that is driven by the individual.

We partner with you to accomplish your goals.

PRINCIPLE 8: Facilitating solutions is a critical part of the learning process.

We explore solutions with you as you confront challenges.

PRINCIPLE 9: Encouragement inspires people to achieve their potential.

We will always encourage you.

PRINCIPLE 10: Learning is impacted by one’s level of engagement, by their environment, and by their community.

We strive to create an optimal learning environment that fosters engagement and a sense of community.

PRINCIPLE 11: Each individual is responsible for their own thoughts and behaviors.

We help you hold yourself accountable for your behaviors, responses, and expectations.

To see our Principles & Promise in action, look for numbered ‘Principle Tags’ throughout this edition of the SALT Journal.