Comprehensive Academic Support

The SALT Center offers comprehensive academic support services to students who learn differently, including weekly meetings with a Student Support Specialist, content-specific tutoring, various workshops, educational technology, and access to psychological and wellness services.

Student Support Specialists

Student Support Specialists at the SALT Center help students manage their learning and attention challenges with a variety of student programs and services.  Students meet with their Student Support Specialist every week for a 30-minute appointment to discuss and plan for their academic and personal goals.


The SALT Center's tutoring program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). In order to help students achieve academic success, peer tutors introduce them to a wide variety of methods, demonstrating how to use the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic strategies to begin, develop, and refine their work. The goal of each session is to create an optimal learning environment that facilitates independent and lifelong learning.


SALT Center workshops offer students opportunities to learn and develop new skills and strategies, including effective study skills, note taking, exam prep, and more.

Educational Technology

With ever-changing technology, the SALT Center is committed to providing assistance, maximizing the potential of existing technology, and pioneering new innovations within our physical and virtual landscapes.

Psychological and Wellness Services

The SALT Center offers free and confidential one-to-one counseling and wellness services to enrolled students. Our brief, solution-focused therapy model is designed to be student-driven, so you can work on your goals at your pace.


ABLE Clinic

The Assessment of Behavior and Learning for Excellence (ABLE) Clinic's mission is to:

  • Provide evaluations to children and adults with suspected neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., learning disorders, autism, ADHD) or brain injuries in order to help provide services in school and at work.

  • Assist individuals with cognitive, emotional, and physical difficulties with making decisions regarding their education, employment, and other future endeavors.

  • Provide vocational/career assessments to determine an individual’s ability to work and what accommodations may help them succeed.

Note: ABLE Clinic services are not included as part of the SALT Center's comprehensive academic support model. Additional fees may be incurred for ABLE Clinic services. Contact the ABLE Clinic for an estimate of costs.