SALT Center Honors Pin

The SALT Center Honors program recognizes student achievements in and out of the classroom. All students succeed in different ways and celebrating students is what we love to do! SALT Center Honors is composed of three main pillars for which students are recognized: their academic achievement, engagement with the SALT Center, and career and professional development. 

The SALT Center Honors events include:

  • Graduation receptions,
  • 4.0 GPA Director’s Lunch
  • Family Weekend Freshman Parent Breakfast and Awards Recognition Dinner
  • Student of the Month Luncheon

Many students doubt their abilities to be successful in college and some have even been told that college was beyond their reach. The University of Arizona and SALT Center experience can be transformative for these students. A successful class, a helpful tutoring session, or a strong relationship with a staff member can make an incremental difference which can keep them moving forward in the college environment with confidence. We realize that every student’s journey is unique, and success looks different for each student.

That’s why SALT Center Honors strives to celebrate the achievement, engagement, and development of those within our community. The SALT Center Honors events are not simply a way to congratulate students for their successes, but also a way to inspire them to carry that momentum forward and do more.

Visit our SALT Center Honors Events page or contact us for the latest dates and information regarding upcoming SALT Center Honors events. We look forward to seeing you!