NOTE: This preview page is currently being updated to better describe what you will see in our 2024 application. While most of the information is still accurate, the order and layout of the content may be different. We thank you for your patience as we make the necessary changes. Please contact us if you have any specific questions or concerns.


Section 1

Application Personal Information

Section 2

Contact Information

Section 3

Emergency Contact Information

Section 3

Parent/Guardian Contact Information

Section 5

Documentation of a Learning and/or Attention Challenge

  1. Upload the most current comprehensive testing that determined a diagnosis of a learning and/or attention challenge
  2. Documentation should be legible and include all pages*
  3. Scan it in PDF or Word format and make sure that the file(s) are less than 20 MB in size
  4. Save it to a place that is accessible for uploading, such as a computer desktop or a flash drive
    • *Please do not password protect your documents.
If documentation is not available, please answer reflection prompt 2, which asks for a description of academic challenges and the support services used to manage those challenges. 
Application Form

 1. Answer two questions with: Yes or No.

Application Form


2. Upload your documentation:

a. Click the upload button

b. A window will appear so you may begin the upload process

Application Form

3. Choose your documents using the select button. 

Application Form


4. Choose your documents from your computer's desktop or a flash drive. 

a. Once the upload is finished, you will see a green circle

b. You may remove any documents from this list, before saving, by clicking or tapping the "remove" option on the right; simply look for the red 'X'

c. After you are satisfied with your list, click the save button

Application Form

5. You will return to the documentation upload popup window after you save your list of documents. 

a. You have an option to access and uploaded document by clicking or tapping ' DOWNLOAD '

b. You may remove any document from this list by clicking or tapping the ' X '

c. * You may edit the name of any document by clicking or tapping the edit icon that looks like a pencil: ' '

*Please consider editing the name of each of your documents so that our SALT Center Admissions Team and, eventually, your Student Support Specialist may quickly access a needed document.  Most people use the following format: 

First & Last Name, Type of Document, Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

example:  Wilbur_Wildcat_IEP_06.16.2016

6.  Please click 'Save and Next' to complete step 5 and go to step 6.


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Section 6

High School, GED, Home School

Section 7

College Information

Section 8

Recommender Contact Information (Optional)

Section 9

Reflection Prompt

Section 10

Self-Awareness Survey

The Self-Awareness Survey will provide your Student Support Specialist with valuable information that will support your transition to the University of Arizona and to the SALT Center. Provide a candid evaluation of your level of engagement and/or success in the areas listed. Your responses to the survey are completed using drop-down lists and check boxes.

Academics: math skills, study skills, writing skills, reading skills, test-taking skills, second language skills
Adaptability: maturity, handle setbacks, resourcefulness, manage frustration, adapt to new situations
Executive Functioning:
organization, time management, focus, completing tasks, motivation
Health/Wellness: sleep habits, eating habits, hearing impairments, chronic illness
Life Skills: self-advocacy, independence, communication skills, social skills, working in groups, engagement (employment, volunteering, etc,)
Self Awareness Survey


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Section 12

Financial Aid

Section 13

Application Review, Sign, Payment Information

Application Review, Sign, Payment Information

Application Fee

  • $15 for Arizona residents
  • $40 for non-Arizona residents
  • Fee Waivers are honored
Application Review and Sign
Application Summary

1. The beginning of this section allows you to review the data you entered on your application. 

a. At the end you will be asked to acknowledge that  your entries and selections are accurate and complete.  This is the time    to double-check your answers.

b. Ensure that all names are spelled and capitalized correctly

c. Ensure that all phone numbers and email addresses are correct. 

d. After you submit your application, you will not be able to change things. 

e. Finally, the application requires an electronic signature. 

f. After you place a check in both boxes, click or tap Save and Next to proceed to the processing fee payment section.

Payment Confirmation

2. This portion of step 12 is where you pay your application processing fee. 

a. The amount owed will be listed as $15 if you are an Arizona resident, or $40 if you are a non-Arizona Resident.  Click or tap the link provided to pay by credit card. 

b. If you choose not to pay by credit card, or believe that you qualify for a waiver of our application processing fee, please email Dennis Haymore at

c. Once you have paid the fee click or tap the link to return to the Online Application Menu.

Application Menu


3. This is the Online Application Menu.

a. To return to your SALT Center Application, click or tap 'SALT Center.'

b. You will be brought back to Step 12, the final step in your application. 

Application Submission

4. By Re-entering your SALT Center online application you may either: pay an outstanding application processing fee or upload additional documentation to your application.  

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