Dr. Estrella Ochoa


Role at the SALT Center: My primary role as a Postdoctoral Resident is to provide psychological services to our students. Through Bartlett Labs, I also contribute to the development and implementation of support services for our students. As part of the research team, I help assess student needs and program outcomes.

Education: University of Arizona, B.A. in Psychology; University of Arizona, Ph.D. in School Psychology

Hometown: San Jose, California

Professional Associations: Southern Arizona Psychological Association; Arizona Psychological Association

Activities/Interests: I enjoy my downtime in the evenings with a good book or movie and my sidekick, Yoshi the pommie. On the weekends I like to get out and visit places that remind me of my hometown. I look for trees, mountains and cooler weather, but enjoy many of the quirks and unique places Tucson has to offer as well.