Welcome from the Director - Dr. Gabrielle Miller

Dr. Gabrielle Miller

Dr. Gabrielle Miller

Greetings from the University of Arizona!

Since 1980 the SALT Center has been at the forefront of developing impactful academic support services for University of Arizona students with learning and attention differences. As its director, it is my honor to continue this legacy as I lead an unrivaled team of professionals committed to helping each and every student find their unique path to success.

While our primary goal is to ensure that students are academically successful, we recognize that the needs of each student are different and every individual lies on a spectrum of neurological diversity, physical ability and human experience, which grows and changes over time. In this issue of the SALT Center Journal I invite you to discover more about how our programming, both new and ongoing, is designed to help students develop a range of healthy life habits, increase their resiliency, discover the richness of the universe, and gain a greater sense of who they are, and what they can accomplish.

Lastly, I’d like to acknowledge the immeasurable impact that our donors and strategic partners have on the SALT Center. Through their support, these friends of the program enable us to provide vitally needed scholarships, psychological services, professional development and other innovative programming designed specifically to support University of Arizona students with learning and attention challenges.

I look forward to meeting all of you and invite you to stay connected with us throughout the year. We truly value our relationship with students, alumni, parents, and other friends and partners and recognize the impact for good you have in the world.

Bear Down!

Gabrielle E. Miller, Ed D