A Different Path - with Recent Graduate: Andrew Pribramsky

Isaac Flater

Andrew Pribramsky began his freshman year at the University of Arizona with a well thought out plan. He was going to study at the Eller College of Management, receive academic support at the SALT Center, graduate, and then embark on a flourishing career in the exciting field of business. It was a track that many students before him had followed, but for Andrew, things would be different. Even though he tried to stick to the plan he had laid out for himself, he really struggled to find fulfillment as a pre-business student. This all changed when he discovered the Plant Science Club.

The university club, which provides students with an opportunity to develop their interests in life sciences, agriculture and environmental stewardship, was exactly what Andrew had been missing. The club gave him a new perspective on his future and he soon changed his major to Agricultural Technology Management & Education.

Andrew says that his heart lies in greenhouses and controlled environments. He especially enjoys learning about the technological advances being implemented in agriculture and finding ways to make sure the systems are sustainable. He gained valuable hands-on experience working in the club’s spacious greenhouse on the roof of the UA’s Sixth Street Garage. He also interned on a large potato farm where he worked with cutting-edge GPS technologies and advanced agricultural methods.

Andrew eventually went on to become the president of the Plant Science Club and this year earned his bachelor’s degree from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. He also recently began a promising career as an agronomist working for an expansive produce farm in Wisconsin which boasts over 30,000 acres of farmland across the state.

Andrew humbly credits much of his achievement to the network of support he received from his parents, club advisor and especially the consistent partnership he had with Rose Audretsch, his Strategic Learning Specialist at the SALT Center. He says:

“Rose was my savior. She’s been my biggest cheerleader. She helped me formulate correspondences with professors and advisors, helped me find tutors and made sure I was always mindful of tests and grades. I don’t think I could have done it without her.”

Andrew standing with his advisor Rose

The partnership that Andrew enjoyed with Rose is typical of successful students who have come through the SALT Center. Rose says that like many others, Andrew arrived on campus with a lot of strong values and a willingness to work hard. As they met each week, she was able to help him leverage those positive traits as he navigated the ups and downs of college life.

Andrew is a prime example of the SALT Center model in which each student is responsible for choosing their own path in life as we guide them to discover new concepts, to explore solutions to complex challenges and to grow in ways they never thought possible. From the business field to a potato field, Andrew’s personal path to success certainly deviated from its original course and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Andrew tending to his plants