An Adventure Abroad - with current student: Ariane Benedetto

Rose Audretsch

Ariane Benedetto, a junior at the University of Arizona who is enrolled at the SALT Center, spent her spring 2018 semester studying abroad in Sydney, Australia at the University of New South Wales. While there, she and her roommates stayed in a house on Bondi Beach enjoying the area’s varied activities and foods. During spring break, Ariane also had the opportunity to travel to Bali, Thailand, and Vietnam. Rose Audretsch, Ariane’s Strategic Learning Specialist interviewed her regarding her experiences as a study abroad student:

RA: Why did you decide to apply for study abroad?

AB: My family has always been passionate about traveling. I decided to apply for study abroad after my sister did it for a full year as a junior. As amazing as the U of A is, I knew I wanted to experience something new.

RA: Did your participation in the SALT Center prepare you in any ways for study abroad?

AB: SALT has given me the support and the confidence to follow through with my journey. SALT has not only had an effect on improving my academics but my people skills as well. Studying abroad and living in a foreign country can be scary at times, but it was nice knowing that there were people back at UA to speak with if needed. I definitely think SALT helped me grow into more of an independent person. I think SALT helped give me the confidence to push myself to go abroad.

RA: Did you get any assistance with your study abroad research and application?

AB: The process of applying for study abroad can get a bit overwhelming. The study abroad team at the University of Arizona was a tremendous help. Each student is assigned to an advisor for the country where they are planning on studying. My advisor for Australia helped me multiple times through email and meetings.

RA: How would you compare the learning environment studying abroad with the learning environment at Arizona?

AB: The learning environment is completely different when studying abroad. One of the biggest differences between classes at UA and the classes at University of New South Wales is the diversity. I met so many other students from all over the world in my courses at UNSW.

RA: How would you define a successful study abroad experience?

AB: I would define a successful study abroad experience by saying that I fully immersed myself in the culture. Getting good grades was important but so was getting the experience of living in a different country.

The SALT Center is honored to have students like Ariane representing us on the global stage. We know that learning can take many shapes and we are here to help each student as they choose the unique path of their educational journey.